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Our Services

Aeronautical Resources Agency (ARA) was founded in Latin America with a clear vision:  “To become the best provider of aviation jobs in the world, promoting professionals from Latin American countries as solutions for airlines and other aviation market players”

A.R.A. Business Link

  • We provide a complete platform for all aeronautical areas:
  • Aircraft leasing 
  • Safety Audits (IOSA preparation)
  • MOU developments 
  • Company Representation
  • Focused Aviation Management
  • Aviation strategic planning and execution



ARA is the first aviation talent agency in Latin America.  We serve as a link between airlines that are currently growing and Pilots who are already qualified to perform an efficient and safe operation. 

ARA provides comprehensive HR support to both Airlines and Flight Crew targeting long-term win-to-win relations.  We defend, promote and support our clients interest above all.




  • One of ARA’s main goals is to achieve recognition for being a Representative Agency for the best Latin American aviation professionals across the world. 
  • The Pilots, and Aviation Professionals served thru ARA’s exclusive representation services are attended in their own language, giving them confidence and thrust.
  • Our origins date back from 2,012 in Guatemala where our headquarters (Light Blue, S.A.) are located for both Guatemalan and Honduran talent, giving a real face to our professionals in order to provide them with all the information they would need to designate ARA as their Representing Office.
  • Our Staff include certified Pilots,  IATA Aviation Management Professionals (AvMP),  IOSA Certified Auditors and Legal Advisors located in Central America and Asia Pacific. 



  • 06 + years serving as Aviation Representation Office 
  • 19 long term hired Pilots in Asia
  • 01 web-based platform
  • 200+ ready to hire professionals in our privately owned database, including ATR 42/600 Instructors
  • 20 + Countries reached
  • Our market comprises 2500+ Spanish-speaking type rated Pilots working in this geographic area including Airbus, Boeing and ATR Pilots.



PROFESSIONALISM as a corporate value has given us a well-known name in Latin America, also responsibility and flexibility are common words used in our client’s recommendations.  

ARA’s marketing, promotion and selection process is a “tailored process” fulfilling our clients requests and our Pilots needs, paying special attention to Certification, Security clearances and Compliance.


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